March 2012 Prayer Letter

March 2012 Prayer Letter

March 2012

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Silent Word Ministries, where the ministry continues 24/7/365. Through this missionary ministry, God’s Word touches hearts and lives of Deaf and hearing people. SWM literature and videos also reach people we have never met, in places we have never been! Even as we sleep, God’s word is active in SWM materials around the world. This is His ministry, not ours!

Past Meetings – In January, SWM conducted the annual Deaf Men’s Retreat, edited and sent the Silent Word Newspaper, conducted our annual Community Sign Language Class (29 people from the area, one from Atlanta), and conducted our annual Deaf Leadership Invitational meeting. Each of these ministries is needed and influences different people. Even in the community sign class, we shared the Gospel clearly with the students as we do with Deaf people around the world. It is our goal to always be involved in the Great Commission in all areas of our ministry.

In February, the SWM Executive Board of Directors and Advisory Board met to review the previous year. As Ted Camp says, “God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” After the Board Meeting, the Executive Operating Board (Camps, Barrs, Bracelins) met for three days for special SWM transitional training. As missionary/president, I will share more with you as the Lord expands my ministry and potential outreach. In the Board Meeting, it was reported that 11,572 salvation decisions have been reported in all areas of the ministry since the beginning.

Fantastic Saturdays – In March, SWM will conduct Fantastic Saturdays or D-Days in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona, and California. In the South and West, the theme will be “More, More About Jesus.” In 1966 a deaf man, Alvin Spurgin, sang this song which was instrumental in Ted Camp surrendering to the deaf ministry and starting SWM.

Special Prayer Request – On March 19, Ted Camp will have double knee replacement surgery. The doctor told him that his knees are just worn out. The knee replacements should give him more mobility and a lot less pain. Please pray for him especially during surgery and for a quick and full recovery.

Philippines Mission Trip – I have been invited to preach to the Deaf in the Philippines from April 26 to May 20. The main meetings will be with missionary Bob Himes (Bill Rice Ranch Missions) for two weeks of deaf camp, and with Missionary Chris Woodley in Bamban. The trip will cost $2,500. Almost half is already provided, so only $1,300 more is needed. Please pray that the Lord will provide these funds and that the hearts of Filipino Deaf people will be open to the Gospel and Christian growth. If you can help, please send checks to SWM and designate “Barr Mission Trip.” Diane and I are making necessary adjustments due to the economy and some decreases in support. For your information, we also have some debt from medical and housing needs. The same as many missionaries, we need more monthly support or one-time gifts at this time.

Thank you for partnering with us to reach and teach the Deaf world for Christ. Because of your prayers and financial support, we are committed to minister to the Deaf on your behalf until the Lord returns.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Your Missionaries to the Deaf