September 2012 Prayer Letter

September 2012 Prayer Letter

September 2012

Dear Friends,

September brings the first hint of fall as kids go back to school, the weather begins to cool off, and summer officially ends. The Bible prophet wrote the sad words, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved,” (Jeremiah 8:20). However, as this summer ends, SWM is glad to report salvation decisions are still being made, SWM missionaries continue to reach out to the Deaf world, and SWM continues to impact the Deaf world for Christ through meetings, literature, videos, and more. It has been an exciting summer.

Summer MinistryJim and Terry Bracelin assisted Missionary Bob Van Sant (BIMI) in the annual Ukraine Deaf Family Camp (45 Campers, 36 Deaf, 5 cities, 3 salvation decisions). – International Partnership Ministries (IPM) invited Reed, Donna, and Joel Condra to train national pastors in Guatemala about starting deaf ministries in their churches. While there, Reed gave leaders several SWM Gospel DVDs for the Deaf. A visiting American, David McCutcheon, received one and showed it three times in a large orphanage (hearing people, using a Spanish interpreter). David reported 126 salvation decisions. He said he had never seen anything like that! – The annual SWM ASL Institute and Deaf Bible Conference was a blessing to many in Trenton, Georgia (101 attended, 36 Deaf, 6 states, 1 salvation, 37 other decisions), and in Collegeville, Pennsylvania (105 attended, 15 Deaf, 6 states, many service decisions). – SWM was represented at a Silent Weekend in Florida and at the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America in Ringgold, Georgia. At DBFA Ted Camp stood and preached for the first time since his knee surgery. – Allen Snare preached this summer at the Bill Rice Ranch Deaf camps, (33 Deaf salvation decisions reported).– David Bennett (SWMI) organized and led a team of 36 volunteers to the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas. Over 16,000 people (more than 65 countries) attended. The SWMI team shared the Gospel with thousands of people using voice, sign language, gestures, Gospel DVDs and tracts – 36 salvation decisions were reported. The summer is ending with many more saved!

SWMI New Missionary – It is now official! Nicole Condra is Silent Word Ministries International’s first foreign missionary. Her burden is to assist foreign churches reach Deaf people for Christ. Please pray for her as she begins deputation. At this time she needs special one-time gifts and regular monthly support. Checks can be made to SWM and designated, “Nicole Condra.”

Ministry of Helps – Through this new program, volunteers can help SWM in their areas of expertise. This summer several volunteers have assisted SWM in the office and in ASLI meetings. In the past, some have even taken a week of vacation to come. Pastors, missionaries, or lay men and women may contact SWM for more information about taking a mission trip to help SWM as we reach out to the Deaf world. (See the enclosed brochure.)

Video Ministry Need – As you may know, Deaf people listen with their eyes. I am burdened to teach Deaf people in their visual language by producing videos. Sign language is the primary language of most Deaf people. The SWM Baker Video Studio has produced 17 DVDs (signs, voice & captions) for Deaf and Hearing People. While filming the next course for Teaching & Training Bible Institute, we had equipment failures. Professionals have advised us to upgrade our outdated video camera and wireless microphone system. Our present video ministry is on hold until this need is met. Please see the enclosed form for more information and prayerfully consider this need.

Thank you for your support and prayers. It is our privilege to be your ambassador for Christ into the Deaf world.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr, President
Silent Word Ministries