February 2013 Prayer Letter

February 2013 Prayer Letter

February 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Silent Word Ministries! It is my joy to report that our ministry continues around the clock and around the world. Recently I received emails of encouragement from a pastor in Nigeria, a Church for the Deaf in South Africa, and another ministry in India. We may not be able to go to these places in person, but God is using Bible-based SWM materials to help deaf ministries and deaf ministry workers worldwide.

SWM Meetings: In January we conducted the SWM Deaf Men’s Retreat and Leadership Conference at Sand Mountain Bible Camp here in Trenton. For three days several missionaries from SWM preached and taught men from Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, and Georgia. Several were leaders in their deaf ministries or pastors of Deaf churches. It is exciting to influence and encourage Deaf and hearing men as they serve the Lord.

In February the SWM Executive Board of Directors held the annual meeting at SWM. It was exciting hearing and giving the reports of how God has, and is, blessing Silent Word Ministries. Our ministry continues to function debt free. Through all the ministries of SWM in 2012, there were 750 reported salvation decisions. You may be interested to know that SWM now produces 348 titles (produced at SWM) and has over 450 items in our ministry catalog. The Silent Word Mission Board has 11 missionary families. And the Deaf Bible Institute has 980 Deaf people enrolled from the USA and several foreign countries.

The SWM Executive Operating Board also met in February. Ted and Carlene Camp are training Jim and Terry Bracelin, and Diane and me in preparation for the future of SWM. What a privilege it is to learn from, and be mentored by, a couple whom God has used greatly to influence the Deaf world for Christ. I am thankful to be part of such a great team!

Upcoming Fantastic Saturdays: In the next couple of months, Diane and I will conduct Fantastic Saturdays in Orlando, Florida; Trenton, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Covina, California; Rock Hill, South Carolina; and Gray, Tennessee. We look forward to God helping deaf ministries and encouraging deaf people and deaf ministry workers in each of these areas. Please pray for God’s blessing and for travel safety.

Health Situations: In December and part of January, I was called upon to assist my brother, Phil, during and after his bone marrow transplant to treat Leukemia. As reported earlier, the SWM Executive Operating Board advised I should be “there” for the critical time. He continues to improve, and looks forward to getting his strength back. The doctor reports that it will take about one year to get somewhat back to normal. March 10 will complete his first 100 days of care after the transplant. Thank you for your continued prayers for Phil.

Special Projects: Over the last several months, we have been upgrading the SWM website. We hope to have the new site ready to launch soon. Check out www.SilentWordMinistries.org for the new, simplified design. Recently we also produced two new preaching DVDs by Jim Bracelin. It is one of my greatest joys to see new resources being produced and used in the Deaf world. Our prayer is that they will influence many lives for Christ.

Once again, thank you for partnering with us to reach and teach the Deaf world for Christ. Your prayers and financial support help make our unique missionary ministry into the Deaf World possible.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Your Missionaries to the Deaf

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