November 2013 Prayer Letter

November 2013 Prayer Letter

November 2013

Dear Friends,

During this month many reflect on the goodness of God and have a special day of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things, including salvation, God’s call as a missionary, my wife, and for SWM, a trustworthy and dependable missionary ministry to Deaf people. I am also thankful for my senses. God allows me to hear people’s voices, the sounds of nature, the preaching of His Word, and more.

In a recent missions conference I prepared and showed a one-minute video of segments from the church’s recent Sunday evening service – but without any sound. The church silently viewed themselves singing, the pastor speaking, the music director leading songs, and a special children’s choir singing. But this time they saw their church through the eyes of a Deaf person. Looking at the world through the eyes of others can help us care more about them. God loves everyone unconditionally. He wants us to treat all people with respect, including Deaf people (Leviticus 19:14). Enclosed is a new SWM pamphlet. I hope it will touch your heart as it did mine.

Office Projects – This fall we have been working on several projects at SWM to move the ministry in a good direction for 2014. Tabitha and Vicki continue to edit current SWM videos for remastering. This project has proven to take much more time than expected, as the edits for each video requires several hours of computer time. We are also updating our computer file backup system to be more reliable. This will help preserve all SWM publications and materials for the future. Ted Camp has been converting older publications to a newer format, which will allow us to share them with missionaries and make them available as downloads from the SWM website in the future. Larry Galyen has been working on several website-related upgrades. Even though these are major projects, each is being done with little or no added expense. These upgrades will help SWM fulfill our Mission Statement, “But We Will Give Ourselves … To The Ministry Of The Word” – To The Deaf – (Acts 6:4). We prepare for the future because future generations of Deaf people will need God’s Word also!

Equipment Upgrades – Ted Camp’s aging computer is now inadequate for future ministry needs. He has finally agreed to make the needed change. After consulting with more knowledgable computer advisers, we estimate the new needed computer, including software, will cost about $650. Would you prayerfully consider helping with this need? Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to SWM, PO Box 889, Trenton, GA, and designated “New Office Computer.”

Deaf People – At SWM, one of our goals is to teach and preach God’s Word effectively to Deaf people. We must constantly educate others regarding the need of reaching the Deaf. Many do not realize that, although Deaf people do not have one country, they do have languages and cultures, that are unique and recognized worldwide. Some areas cannot support a deaf church, but someone must still reach the Deaf. Deaf missionary Dr. Andrew Foster (1925–1987), “The Father of Deaf People in Africa,” said, “The deaf, as creatures too, are included in Jesus’ command to “go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16: 15-16). He also said, “Every Christian should show gratitude for his physical and spiritual senses” by telling the Deaf more about Jesus.

At SWM, we are thankful for the opportunity to share the Gospel with Deaf people, and for you, our partners in ministry. Your prayers and support help us go “Into the Silent World… With the Silent Word.” Thank you.

For Deaf Souls

Jon Barr, President
Ted Camp, Founder