November 2014 Prayer Letter

November 2014 Prayer Letter

November 2014

Dear Friends,

Many of the New Testament epistles begin with giving thanks to God or thanks for certain people who were friends or supporters in the ministry. It is with great joy that we thank God for the privilege of spreading His Word to the Deaf world. We thank God for the opportunity to produce and distribute materials to teach and train Deaf people. We thank God for you, our partners and friends in ministry, who help to make this ministry possible.

SWM Literature Blessing – It is always great to see SWM literature helping people. At the recent Deaf Ladies Retreat, Amy Bordean (Jacksonville, Illinois) purchased several SWM books for one of the newly-saved Deaf ladies in her church. After the retreat, the Deaf lady called her friend in Florida by video phone and used the SWM booklet (You Can Go To Heaven) to slowly explain to him how to be saved. He prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior because of her witness. She was excited as it was the first person she led to the Lord, but since then, she has witnessed to others using her new soul-winning booklet! We are thankful that God uses the SWM literature ministry, which presents His Word in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

SWM MissionariesWe are thankful for the SWM missionary team. In 1998, when the SWM Mission Board began, all our missionaries were in Trenton. Today the 14 SWM missionary families live in several states, and 4 are raising support to serve in Canada, Africa, England and Romania. SWM missionary ministries include a Deaf church in Missouri, area-wide Fantastic Saturdays, Canadian deaf ministry, marketplace evangelism, the SWM Deaf Bible Institute, SWM Northeast, pre-field deputation ministry, local deaf ministries, deaf ministry literature and videos, Internet outreach ministries, the SWM home office ministry, and much more. Through these different ministries SWM has had 426 reported salvations thus far this year. This Thanksgiving month as you pray also give thanks to God for SWM missionaries. Ask God to meet their special needs: Ted & Carlene Camp, Jon and Diane Barr, Tabitha Beam, David & Vicki Bennett, Jim & Terry Bracelin, Nicole Condra, Reed & Donna Condra, Larry & Diana Galyen, Bud & Jenna Ring, Allen Snare, Paul & Rachel Strosnider, Bruce & Amanda Stuart, Bill & Eleanor Towner, and Drew & Melinda Wright. A team of like minded missionaries with a desire to reach and teach the Deaf for Christ.

Internet Ministry – The Internet has become a powerful tool for SWM deaf ministry, helping us share God’s Word with many we may never meet in person. We are thankful for every means of presenting the Gospel and getting good, Bible-based deaf ministry materials to Deaf people and to those who minister to the Deaf worldwide. An internet-based video phone allows us to communicate directly with Deaf people in sign language. Dr. Ted Camp sends weekly email articles of encouragement. Also, many foreign missionaries have written to say they appreciate the M&M ministry, which provides helpful materials to them via email. The SWM website has now been upgraded so it is much easier for people to order SWM materials, contact our missionaries, download helpful information, see Gospel videos, and much more. Coming Soon! View the new

We “thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled [us], for that he counted [us] faithful, putting [us] into the [deaf] ministry” (1 Timothy 1:12). Thank you for helping us go “Into the Silent World… With the Silent Word.”

For Deaf Souls

Jon Barr, President
Ted Camp, Founder