August 2016 Prayer Letter

August 2016 Prayer Letter

August 2016
Dear Friends and Supporters of SWM,

Greetings from SWM. It is exciting to share with you God’s blessings. As SWM celebrates 50 years of ministry, it is good to consider the foundation. In 1966, SWM started with a newspaper and 50 mailing addresses. The purpose was primarily to reach the world of the deaf for Christ; to help establish deaf minsitries in strong, fundamental churches; to win people to Christ; to help build established ministries; and to strengthen deaf people into Christian maturity with a literature program. It is a great joy to report that SWM remains true to that original purpose.

Evangelism – In July, SWM International (SWMI), Directed by David Bennett, led a team of 38 volunteers from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico to the DeafNation World Expo (DNWE) in Las Vegas. Over 20,000 attended, most of whom were Deaf. The team invested 5 days in personally sharing the Gospel and distributing Gospel tracts and DVDs specifically to Deaf people, but also to many others. The SWMI team also worked closely with the Romans Road for the Deaf team (RRD), a daughter ministry that began as a result of a previous SWMI team trip. Results: 98 salvation decisions (SWMI) and 45 salvation decisions (RRD). Often 2 or 3 team members were involved in leading a person to Christ, each doing his part in starting the conversation, giving a testimony, witnessing, and praying with those who made decisions for Christ.

Deaf Ministry Training – During the same week as DNWE, the Silent Word Ministries team also conducted the annual ASL Institute and Deaf Bible Conference (ASLI/DBC) here in Trenton, hosted by Piney Grove Baptist Church (Pastor John Smith). Totals attendance: 88 from 8 states – 21 Deaf – 28 Decisions. Pastor Smith said he thought this was one of our best meetings ever! In August, Ted and Carlene Camp, Jim and Terry Bracelin, Allen Snare, and Diane and I will conduct the ASLI/DBC at Valley Forge Baptist Temple (Pastor Scott Wendal) in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Please pray for lasting results from these meetings.

Missions Trip – Also in July, I went to Belize, for 4 days preaching to Deaf and 3 additional days training deaf ministry workers. Many years ago Ted Camp challenged the people there to reach all Deaf throughout the country for Christ. They began, and the work continues today. This was my 8th mission trip to Belize, and I was touched to see 6 salvation decisions, all from Deaf people. SWM literature was left in the hands of the deaf ministry workers to help them continue reaching and teaching Deaf people for Christ.

Silent Word Missions Retreat – In August, SWM will conduct the annual SWMB missions retreat. The retreat is an important training and encouragement time for our team of USA missionaries, international missionaries, and the SWM Ministry of Helps. Each year the retreat is sponsored by gifts from friends who want to invest in our worldwide missionary outreach to the Deaf. Please prayerfully consider a gift, and designate “Retreat.”

Ministry Report – Consider with me the blessings of how SWM continues to reach and teach Deaf people with the Gospel. Tracts: 2,559,921All Publications: 7,344,979Deaf Bible Institute Enrollment: 1080T&T Enrollment: 96Gospel Videos: 70,905Salvation Decisions: 314 (2016), 14,339 (Total) – It is a joy to know that everyday, throughout the world, SWM literature is being read, SWM videos are being viewed, and SWM tracts are being used. Truly God has blessed SWM with a global ministry beyond our expectations. Thank you for your prayers and financial investment in the lives of Deaf people you may only meet in Heaven!

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr