September 2017 Prayer Letter

September 2017 Prayer Letter

September 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

One of the joys we have is to hear from those who have been blessed by our ministry. We often receive good reports from postal mail, email, Facebook, and other social media. This month I would like to share several of these responses with you. Thank you for helping make this ministry possible!

I just attended ASLI for the first time this past weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I learned so much! Jon and Diane Barr, Jim and Terri Bracelin, and Allen Snare are wonderful people! God has blessed them with a love for the deaf and hearing! I would encourage anyone to attend next year! I purchased many of their excellent materials! – Rebekah

A Deaf man in our church passed away yesterday of stomach cancer. We brought him to the Deaf conference with us there a few years ago. We couldn’t get him to understand, but Allen Snare led him to the Lord. Please let Allen know that I rejoice James is in Heaven and am so thankful for Allen and SWM. Please pray for us. God bless – Nancy

Yesterday we returned from a visit to our sons and grandkids in Chadron NE. We gave a tract to a deaf husband and wife working at Walmart in that small town. On return to MA we found a deaf woman working at a favorite thrift store also gave her one. We aren’t real good at signing but making progress. God bless His work through SWM. – Ray & Linda Watson – To the Jew first and also to the Deaf.

Love this series (Creation to Christ on! They’re very helpful and our deaf people here (Cambodia) love to watch them. Appreciate all the hard work that goes into these videos! This is such an amazing project! Praying for you and the deaf who will be reached through this video! May God be glorified and Deaf reached with the Gospel! – Grace (Cambodia)

Hello Mr Jim Bracelin, I am writing to thank you for loving our Lord Savior with your heart, voice, hands and time. I watch the OT Sign Language lessons with your voice. I am growing in our Lord and Savior Word of God thru the lessons on YouTube too! Thank you! Enclosed is my $50 gift. I am hearing, but both my husband and daughter need hearing aids and we sign. Want you to know you have been a blessing and strengthen my faith in our Lord’s Word. Thank you – Marcy

I am sending you the Spanish translations of the “Think on These Things” articles written by Jon Barr. Praying for the Deaf World, Marta L. Galdamez (IPM Missions).

This is a great ministry that is impacting a forgotten people: the Deaf. They actually care! I get so excited whenever I get their newspaper! SWM has made a huge eternal impact! I love their materials! Thank you for touching my life, and being so instrumental in the vision of my Deaf ministry! Words can not describe how thankful I am. Thank you!!! – Zach

What a blessing – this ministry opened my eyes to our deaf friends in a way I cannot describe except to say I will never hear something the same way I used to. The best part of the weekend for me was to realize what little I bring can help someone with nothing. I am committed to serving God in the deaf ministry as long as He allows me to. Thank you for your ministry! Our ministry! God’s ministry! – Ann

Again, SWM thanks you, our supporters and prayer partners for investing in this ministry. It is our privilege to take the Gospel and God’s Word to the Deaf on your behalf. Your prayers and gifts help SWM influence many Deaf and hearing for Christ!

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr
(Letter sent as SWM President)