March 2018 Prayer Letter

March 2018 Prayer Letter

March 2018

Dear Friends,

“But we will give ourselves… to the ministry of the word”
to Deaf people worldwide (Acts 6:4).

This SWM mission statement defines the focus of every part of our unique missionary ministry. At our recent annual Board of Directors meeting, each of us gave a short presentation of our responsibilities and described “What I do.” Ted Camp* is the “Overseer;” Carlene* is Office Manager; Diane* is Bookkeeper; Jim & Terry Bracelin* coordinate all SWM activity in the Northeast and he is also Director of Outreach; David (Vicki) Bennett* is SWM International Director; Frank (Ursala) Rasmussen* is Advisor/Assistant; and I (Jon*) am Director of Operations. Along with our missionary responsibilities, and preaching and teaching in meetings, we each carry our share of the load of the overall ministry at SWM. Our focus is Deaf people, but our ministry reaches out to all. Truly, SWM is a 24/7/365 ministry. This is what we do – Administration, Participation, Evangelization.

New Volunteers – Last year the Robert Floyd family quietly moved from Florida to our area specifically to help SWM. Robert and Judy and their children, Abby, Lorna, and Hannah, have made themselves right at home and are already serving! SWM is a volunteer ministry. Just as the disciples needed help with their daily tasks so they could focus on the ministry of God’s Word (Acts 6:4), SWM relies on volunteers in many areas: Vicki and Abby edit, post, and create DVDs of our videos; Belinda assists with mail outs and the Deaf Bible Institute; Judy cleans and beautifies; Jay* and Cathy* take care of the Upper Room (guests); Tabitha* coordinates social media and SWM websites (and much more); Larry* (Diana*) posts the Silent Word Newspaper and prayer letters online; Allen* and Jimmy print SWM literature; Ray, Larry, and Barbara help bind books; John recently began helping with all-day projects; Reed* coordinates work days and assists with facilities; Donna* decorates; Jeremy, James, Ginny, Betty Sue, and many others help label and send the Silent Word Newspaper. These and other special friends help SWM to flourish because they do what they can (Mark 14:8). This is what they do – Help as They Can!

Mission Team Names of those on our SWM Mission Team are starred.* Others serving with SWMB are Paul and Rachel Strosnider* (Deaf church in Missouri), Nicole Condra* (Romania), Bruce & Amanda Stuart* (Gabon), Bud & Jenna Ring* (Deaf of Canada). This is what they do – Labor In Their Fields.

Color Printer – Recently, following advice from a board member, SWM upgraded to a color printer that will take our ministry to a new level. Every person who saw the first draft of our new color catalog either said, “Wow!” or “Cool!” We are looking forward to producing more color materials in the days ahead. This is what we do – Work Together.

Board of Directors – The SWM Board of Directors includes people from several business professions. They advise in areas of their expertise. Some visitors to our ministry see buildings, landscaping, equipment, and technology. These, indeed are blessings. But I see the fruit of a godly founder and “Overseer,” surrounded by a like-minded team working together for the Lord. I am personally thankful for the help, guidance, and wisdom of each. All are valuable and appreciated. This is what they do – Assist in Their Areas of Expertise!

Supporters and FriendsNow you know a few of the names of people behind the scenes at SWM. No ministry can flourish without prayers and financial support. We are also thankful for you, our friends, who help make this special ministry possible. This is what you do – So the Deaf can “Hear” the Gospel. Thank you!

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season
we shall reap, if we faint not.”  – Galatians 6:9
Pray for Our Whole Team:
Volunteers – Missionaries – Ministry of Helps – SWMI – Board – EOB

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr
President, Director of Operations

*SWMB Mission Team – 25 Total