May 2018 Prayer Letter

May 2018 Prayer Letter

SWM Prayer Letter • May/June 2018

As I write this month’s ministry prayer letter, Diane and I are thankful for our many faithful friends who invest in our ministry. It is a joy to see our whole ministry bringing forth fruit. Thank you! -jb

Dear Friends,

Tap-tap, tap-tap, tap-tap. On the rare “silent day” at Silent Word Ministries, the sounds of several keyboards can be heard. We are busy writing, editing, and producing new materials for deaf ministries. Other keyboards are recording and sending donation receipts or helping others by answering their emails. Silently, the SWM Video Phone (VP) is answered in sign language – another Deaf person has called. But the SWM office is usually not quiet. The Deaf printers run noisy machines. Projects must be discussed. Telephones must be answered. All of this we joyously do as we serve the Lord, help deaf ministries, prepare for meetings, produce literature, and serve our missionaries.

Literature Department – The Deaf Bible Institute now has 1,118 students. SWM has printed 2,586,278 Gospel tracts. The 137th edition of the bi-monthly newspaper, The Silent Word (Circulation 11,000) has been sent from Trenton. The newspaper is a unique blend of Deaf news, helpful information, pictures, and encouraging articles. The newspaper is a ministry supported partially through ministry advertising and also through gifts from the “Sender’s Club” and friends of SWM. Although the newspaper is dedicated to the Deaf, just last week a hearing person told me that the articles in our newspaper helped him through recent rough times. Being a blessing to others is a blessing to us!

2017 ASLI – Trenton, GA – Host: Piney Grove Baptist Church, Pastor John Smith

ASL Institute (ASLI) Summer Training – Deaf ministry leaders, teachers, signers, and interpreters have very few places they can advance their skills in a Christian environment. This summer SWM conducts its 18th annual ASLI and Deaf Bible Conference (DBC). This special conference has two purposes. 1) Over three days the ASLI provides 12 hours of sign language training for all levels of church interpreters and signers. Deaf ministry topics are also discussed and a “Silent Lunch” helps participants apply the lessons. 2) The DBC also offers over 12 hours of Bible study, preaching, and teaching (and even some fun sessions) presented in sign language. Please pray these conferences will help many Deaf people, Hearing people, and their ministries. Pastors, send your whole deaf ministry to one of the three locations. Register at:

  • Trenton, Georgia (July 12-14)
  • Holt, Michigan (July 26-28) — NEW LOCATION
  • Collegeville, Pennsylvania (August 9-11)

Improvements – SWM continues to grow and improve. The new color printeris making our materials look much better. In recent years our online ministries have expanded. In 2018 alone has had 17,595 views from 7,846 visitors. This blessing created the need to upgrade SWM websites for speed and security, which has now been done. If you have not seen these sites in a while, please take a few minutes to view them and pray for us.

Also Click: SWM Catalog, Newspaper


Volunteers – As an all-volunteer ministry, SWM relies on the Lord to provide the right people at the right time. Recently Ed, Kathy and Sarah Pacuch visited SWM for one week. They cut grass, trimmed bushes, weeded, reorganized closets, assembled booklets, and much more. Local friends continue to help with printing, maintenance, landscaping, the Deaf Bible Institute, and in many other areas. We are thankful to all for their much-needed help.

Silent Word Mission Board (SWMB) – One of the SWM ministries is a mission board, which includes SWM International (SWMI). The Lord has assembled a great team of likeminded servants! SWM missionaries continue to raise support and minister in churches. Foreign highlights: Jay Savelle, SWM Ministry of Helps, recently returned from 3 weeks of soul-winning training for churches and individuals in Nigeria, reporting 121 salvation decisions – over half were led to the Lord by his host, Pastor Adesoye. David Bennett, SWMI, is preparing to lead a mission team of 13 Deaf and hearing fellow missionaries and laymen to Liberia to train teachers of the Deaf, July 10 to August 9. Please pray for this pioneer effort and for all SWM missionaries. Thanks for investing in souls through SWM!

Thank you for your partnership with our missionaries and our ministry. FYI: It is our policy that missionaries receive 100% of their support and gifts. Would you prayerfully consider adding 10% or $10 with their monthly support and designate it for home office” which also relies on support and gifts the same as our missionaries.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr
Silent Word Ministries
President, Director of Operations