2019-07 Prayer Letter

2019-07 Prayer Letter

Belize Deaf Ministry Training

July 2019

Dear Friends,

“My heart hurts,” said Tangi, a Deaf lady in Belize City, Belize. I had just preached about Jesus taking our sin upon himself on the cross. After the invitation, Tangi asked Janice for help. Janice asked if I would speak with Tangi. After about 30 minutes, Tangi realized that only Jesus could satisfy her heart’s need and she received Christ as her Savior. Then Janice asked her, “How is your heart now?”, to which Tangi replied, “Much better!”

Deaf Ministry Classes

That day was one of the highlights of our recent mission trip to Belize. There Diane taught basic sign language to hearing children, and I preached and taught about having a heart for the deaf ministry. It was a blessing seeing younger people becoming burdened for Deaf people in their area. Three nights I preached to the Deaf and one night to the hearing. Sunday our first service was on the west side of the country, the afternoon service was 2 hours away near the coast, and we finished with the evening service back in the west. I have preached in Belize several times in the past. On this trip we met several who are no longer living for Christ. But we also saw many who have remained faithful, have grown in the Lord, and are now serving Him in the deaf ministry there.

2019 Deaf Deaf in Isreal
2019 SWM Deaf Israel Trip Team

Israel – In April, Diane and I hosted a team of 14 Deaf and hearing people on a ministry tour of Israel. As we headed to the Jordan River to re-baptize Dr. Bruce Kelly, Bob, another Deaf traveler, asked about baptism. On the bus I had the privilege of explaining baptism, but more importantly, explaining salvation and leading Bob to Christ. His wife, Karen, a strong Christian, was thrilled. Within a day he began wanting his friends to know about salvation. The next day he shared with our whole group about how he received Christ as his Savior. His was a remarkable testimony. The entire ministry trip was filled with blessings. We also had the opportunity to give Gospel DVDs to two Deaf Israeli men in Jerusalem and a hearing man with a Deaf wife in Bethlehem! We trust God will bless His Word there. We will be hosting another non-profit educational/mission trip for the Deaf to Israel March 8-19, 2021. Tell your deaf ministry!

Meetings – This spring we conducted our annual SWM Community Sign Language Class, which was well attended. It was especially exciting to have a missionary wife her daughter in class. Later, we conducted deaf ministry training at Lighthouse Baptist Church near San Diego, deaf ministry Fantastic Saturdays in Phoenix and the Los Angeles area, and the above-mentioned mission trip to Belize. We also taught classes and promoted SWM materials at the Florida Silent Weekend, and participated in the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America.

Anna Brooks

Ministry Intern – In May and June, Anna Brooks, an art major at Pensacola Christian College, interned at SWM to fulfill a requirement for her major. She redesigned the images for “You Can Go To Heaven,” (our soul-winning booklet), “Eight Steps in Following Jesus” (our salvation follow-up flip chart), and several other projects. We are grateful for her help. She described her experience at SWM as “amazing.”

Summer Schedule – Soon we will be conducting the annual SWM ASL Institute (ASLI) training for deaf ministry workers and SWM Deaf Bible Conference (DBC) in three locations – Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Our desire is to help church interpreters improve so the Word of God can be clear! In July we will also be assembling, editing, and publishing the Silent Word Newspaper. Please pray that these ministries will be effective for the Lord.

Mission Trip – We have been invited to preach and teach at the Efata (Deaf) Bible Conference in Peru in November. We look forward to challenging these Christians to personally walk with the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts. Please prayerfully consider the remaining need of $1,500. Gifts should be designated “Barr Projects.” …or click this button:

There is so much to do and so little time. Pray for more laborers. Pray for strength. Pray for souls to be saved and lives to be changed. Thank you for your prayers and support which help us “go into all the (Deaf) world” for Christ.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Missionaries to the Deaf