2020-05 Prayer Letter (SWM)

2020-05 Prayer Letter (SWM)

"Mac" in the new Gospel Animation for the Deaf

May/June 2020 SWM Prayer Letter

Dear SWM Friends,

COVID-19 • Shelter in Place • Daily News Briefings • Face Masks • Safety • Opening • Truth

Have you become tired of these words? Early in the pandemic we all huddled around our TVs, smartphones, and computer screens for daily updates. Even our small town of Trenton has a daily report at 3PM by the County Commissioner. Facebook has become a news channel for many reports. But over the last few weeks, people have become more accepting of the situation and less interested in the daily news. It is common to hear people say they do not know what to believe.

During this uncertain time, many good churches have begun new online ministries. Many pastors are now preaching to a camera instead of a congregation. Even small churches in remote areas have been surprised that people view and participate in their services from other states! But at this time, churches and ministries also wonder what church will be like after the pandemic. Will people return to church? Will they become lazy and only watch “church” online? How will churches survive financially? How will the pandemic affect missions and missionaries? The questions are many, but we all must adapt to meet changing needs. Now is not the time to back away, let down, take it easy, or stop. The spiritual needs of people have not changed (but have increased). The Bible still has the answer. The Gospel is still the priority. “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed (Romans 13:11).

SWM Online Ministry – As a result of SWM’s online teaching, preaching, and interpreting (for hearing church services), several people have contacted our office for spiritual help. One man wrote in the video comments, “I am not saved.” We asked if he wanted more information about salvation and he said, “No.” But we still see his name appear as he views our live teaching. Please pray for Dale and others who post angry faces but return to view the lessons. God’s Word is powerful and can break hard hearts, as It has so many times before. View “Live” teaching at: Facebook.com/SilentWordMinistries – See back page for SWM Mission Team’s online ministries.

Literature & Videos – One of the advantages of SWM’s literature ministry is the lasting effect of the printed word. Emails get deleted and conversations are forgotten, but books can be read, re-read, and given to another person. SWM is blessed to have produced over 350 different tracts, books, booklets, manuals, and more. View them at: SilentWord.org/store – Many are now available as downloads. “But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (1 Peter 1:25). Pastors (and others), consider using free SWM pamphlets in your ministry. Download and email to others: SilentWord.org/pamphlets

The FIRST: 20-minute Gospel Animation Project – Have you ever seen a Gospel Cartoon for the Deaf? Neither have we. Deaf people listen with their eyes. Video is a powerful outreach into their “world.” Ursala Rasmussen (SWM) said, “SWM needs a Gospel cartoon,” and a new outreach began. Funding was provided, David Bennett (SWMI) wrote the script, Jon Barr added the sign language, and Jonathan Taylor and Niall Lynch (professionals) are adding animation. Each step requires exact examination and careful revision. Please pray for us as we develop this special Gospel animation. The goal is to take the Gospel to Deaf people and their families worldwide – to people who need to “hear.”

“Mac” in the New Gospel Animation for the Deaf

As of April we have had 63 reported salvation decisions. Our desire is to share the Gospel again face to face and in meetings as our country “opens.” Please pray for us as we reach out on your behalf to the “world” of the Deaf. “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9).

Please view HIGHLIGHTS OF SWM the MISSION TEAM on the back of this letter. We hope the enclosed flier is a blessing to you. Pass it along to others! We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations