2021-02 Prayer Letter

2021-02 Prayer Letter

Thousands of Deaf

Dear Friends, February 2021

“Boast not thyself of to morrow;
for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”
(Proverbs 27:1)

Growing Into The Future – The song says, “I don’t know about tomorrow… but I know who holds the future.” Almost one year ago, when the pandemic began and our area-wide meetings were cancelled, Diane and I soon realized that our missionary ministry was not as limited as some others. In addition to ministering to local Deaf and hearing people, producing literature for deaf ministries, and assisting SWM missionaries who serve with us, we increased our online outreach (as did many churches). Our ministry has grown and increased. As the verses above remind us, we don’t know the future, but the Lord does! In this letter we want to share with you two exciting and related projects, and ask you to earnestly pray with us.

First Of Its Kind! – In the fall of 2019, the Lord began to burden several on the SWM mission team for a new kind of Gospel outreach – something that had never been done before – a Gospel animation or “cartoon,” as some have called it. As the idea was presented, the potential (and challenge) of this project became clear. Soon, the script was written, an animation team was recruited, and the funding was provided. Jon became the sign language “model,” signing and videoing the speaking parts of the video. That was the easy part! As the sign language was animated, Jon began to evaluate every frame of the new animation, consulting with David Bennett (the script writer), correcting the sign language, and sending new videos with the corrections to the animators. (You may be interested to know that the current video we are evaluating has 30,600 individual video frames, and more animation will be added.) Everyone on this small team has many other responsibilities, so only now, in 2021, we are nearing the end of this special project. Our intent is to give this amazing video free to thousands of Deaf people at the Deaf Nation World Expo in July. To our knowledge, this is a first-of-its-kind Gospel presentation!

How Can I Help? – I’m glad you asked. First, please pray for us. Pray that the sign language will be clear and understandable. Pray that the Gospel message will be very, very clear. Pray that we can get this completed in time to produce the needed DVDs and other materials. Pray for the Lord’s hand to direct every step of this video. Animation Team: Jonathan Taylor, Niall Lynch, David Bennett, Jon Barr, & financial supporters.

Secondly, please pray for the outreach team going to the Deaf Nation World Expo. Pray for open doors for all to be able to travel in July – PRAY! Pray for our hearts, attitudes, preparation, and burden for souls. Pray that the Lord will prepare hearts and make them hungry for the Gospel. Pray for open doors for the Gospel. Pray that the video will bring many Deaf and hearing people to Christ. Pray for each to have the finances needed for the trip.

Our financial need for this mission trip is $4,300 ($1,700, plus airfare each). This will cover all our expenses, including outreach DVDs and materials. Gifts may be sent to SWM and designated Barr Mission Project. (In case the DNWE is rescheduled due to travel or other restrictions, funds will be held in escrow for this or a similar project.) SEE UPDATE IN NEXT BARR PRAYER LETTER!

Future Meetings – We continue to plan and prepare for this year’s SWM area-wide Fantastic Saturdays, ASL Institutes, and Deaf Bible Conferences. As every area in the country is different, these meetings will be conducted as local pastors advise. In some areas, virtual meetings may be our only option. Please pray for struggling deaf ministries, open doors for us to assist them, and travel safety.

We value your prayers and support as together we reach out to the needy Deaf World. Thank you!

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Missionaries to the Deaf

Online: SilentWord.org/Team/Barr • JDBarr.com