2021-08 Prayer Letter

2021-08 Prayer Letter

You Can Go To Heaven Picture with Jimmy

Dear Friends, July-August 2021

“But what about the Matrix?” a Deaf man asked me as I was sharing the Gospel with him. We talked (signed) for quite a while and parted as friends. He said he would come back again. Many folk are confused by information overload and don’t know who or what to trust. Often it takes repetition and patience to see fruit. Some accept, some reject, and some (as this man) will come and listen again to the Gospel (Acts 17:32). Please pray for this man’s salvation.

Diane has been conducting Bible studies with a couple of Deaf ladies. One of them, asked her to teach her to lead others to Christ. After studying the SWM flip chart, “You Can Go To Heaven,” She told Diane she needed to pray and confess some things. Diane watched as she began, but then the lady signed, “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Come into my heart and save me. Make me a new person. I want to go to Heaven. Thank you. Amen.” Diane came and said, “Jon, I want you to check out what just happened.” I asked her several questions. It became clear that, although she had attended church, even Deaf churches, for many years, but she had never fully understood the Gospel and trusted Christ as her Savior. That day she smiled and signed, “I understand! Now I’m saved!”

DeafNation World Expo – Since this major event was postponed until August of 2022, we now have more time to complete the new Gospel Animation Project, which we want to premier at the expo. Your prayers are appreciated as we continue to work on this much-needed and unique witnessing tool.

Meetings – In the past few months Diane and I have conducted areawide deaf ministry Fantastic Saturdays in Florida, Georgia (2), South Carolina, Arizona, and California; we coordinated a new SWM “Eagle Soar” series of videos for Deaf people and deaf ministries; I preached and led music at the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America; we reported back to two churches that have been supporting us as missionaries since the mid-1980’s. We are now in the process of conducting ASL Institute advanced sign language training for church interpreters in Georgia, Michigan (both finished), and Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to our SWM Missions Retreat in August, followed by even more Fantastic Saturdays.

Helpers Needed – As our ministry and mission team have grown we now need more help. In addition to our traveling, printing, and local ministries, Diane continues as the SWM bookkeeper for the 18 SWM missionary families (30 individuals) and I continue to develop and coordinate many SWM office projects. Tabitha Beam, the SWM Office Missionary, now needs someone to help with her wide variety of responsibilities in our ministry. Local church volunteers and friends come help with many tasks, for which we are thankful. However Diane, Tabitha, and I really need qualified, regular assistants and helpers. Please pray with us that the Lord would bring a special couple or individuals who can come alongside us as helpers in our unique missionary deaf ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We are able to serve the Lord as missionaries to the Deaf because people like you pray and give – and some may can come (smile). Thank you!

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Missionaries to the Deaf

Online: SilentWord.org/Team/BarrJDBarr.com