2022-02 Prayer Letter (SWM)

2022-02 Prayer Letter (SWM)

Deaf Bible Institute

February/March 2022

Dear SWM Friends,

And in that day shall the Deaf hear the words of the book.” — Isaiah 29:18

Now is that day! This morning a Lutheran Deaf man called the Silent Word Ministries Video Phone (VP) and signed, “Tell me how Savior.” In just a few minutes, SWM Missionary Allen Snare led him to Christ. Now, the rest of the story. A little while later the Deaf man called back and said, “I am different now!” – We will send him a follow up packet which includes a “Spiritual Birth Certificate,” a Gospel tract to review, “The New Christian Study Guide,” the tract “What You Need To Do After You Are Saved,” the Silent Word Newspaper, a link to online SWM Bible Teaching in sign language, and more. – Note: Contact SWM to receive a free sample “Salvation Packet.” Hearing churches can also use these materials for new Christians!

SWM and SWM missionaries specialize in helping Deaf people “hear the words of the Book.” Sign language is visual, but the Bible is printed. Many Deaf people tell us they struggle with written materials and it can be difficult to understand a written language they have never heard. The Deaf man above is one example of the joy SWM missionaries have in sharing the Gospel with those who have never “heard” the good news.

Meetings – At the recent SWM annual board meeting we rejoiced at the growth and strength of our entire ministry. SWM Fantastic Saturdays have now begun for this year. Several SWM international missionaries anticipate going to their fields this year! Annual SWM ASL Institutes and Deaf Bible Conferences are scheduled for this summer. Our desire is to also help others help Deaf people “hear the words of the Book.”

Highlight – This year SWM prayer letters are highlighting our unknown and behind the scenes ministries. In this letter we highlight the SWM DEAF BIBLE INSTITUTE (DBI), a “free” correspondence program for DEAF PEOPLE ONLY. The DBI provides Bible-based lessons written in simple English. The goal is to help Deaf people “hear the words of the Book.” Lessons such as “In The Beginning,” “The End of All Things,” “Bible Doctrines,” and “Christian Character” teach a variety of Bible topics in 20 booklet lessons. Students return tests to SWM and receive a certificate for each course of 5 lessons successfully completed. DBI Coordinator, Donna Condra, grades the tests and corresponds with Deaf students by postal and email to answer their questions and encourage their progress. These and more lessons are also available online at DeafBibleInstitute.org and can be accessed worldwide on computers, tablets, and phones. Even Deaf prisoners are enrolled! At this time there are 1,683 Deaf people enrolled, 2,204 courses total have been completed, and 47 salvation decisions have been reported through DBI since 2011.

The DBI is one of 5 special SWM ministries “provided free as the Lord provides.” Would you like to be involved in reaching and teaching Deaf AND hearing people with the Gospel? Pray and give! 100% Of all funds given will be used as designated to the SWM Evangelism Fund.

Please enjoy the enclosed pamphlet. Feel free to reuse, reprint, share, or post in your ministry. Pamphlets are free as the Lord provides. View at SilentWord.org/Store and click “Pamphlets.”

On the back of this letter are the SWM Mission Team Praises and Prayer Requests. Your prayers are appreciated.
Thank you for helping Deaf people “hear the words of the Book” through your prayers and support of SWM and SWM Missionaries. This year 2 salvation decisions have been reported through all areas of our ministry.

We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations