2022-04 Prayer Letter

2022-04 Prayer Letter

Deaf Tour of Israel 2022

April 2022

Dear Friends,

When I began teaching a Deaf Sunday School class (as a teenager), one lesson was, “Ten Ways of Following Jesus.” Later someone said that I incorrectly signed, “Ten Ways of CHASING Jesus.” This year it seems we have been “chasing Jesus,” and trying to keep up with all the Lord is doing.

Meetings – In January I was excited to attend and preach at the Harvest Deaf Men’s Retreat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Lord blessed the meeting and many were encouraged. Also in January (and March) we published The Silent Word newspaper. Each issue requires a little over two weeks work to produce. I’m always amazed at the number of Deaf and hearing people who tell us how much they appreciate the paper. The SWM spring deaf ministry Fantastic Saturdays are going well. We have already conducted these helpful meetings in Florida, Georgia (2 locations), and South Carolina. In the next two weeks we will also conduct them in Arizona and California.

Gospel Animation Project – After two and a half years, this special and unique 23-minute video project is nearing completion. The main character uses American Sign Language to discover the Gospel message from Creation to the Cross. In the video, even God and Jesus use ASL! To our knowledge, this is the first video of its kind. Our desire is to have it ready for the Deaf Nation World Expo in August. Recently, SWM Missionary Allen Snare and volunteer Ray Short (both Deaf) viewed the video, made suggestions, and were excited about the clear Gospel presentation. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use this one-of-a-kind presentation.

SWM Deaf Tour of Israel – Last week Diane and I returned from hosting the SWM Deaf Tour of Israel. In 10 days, 21 travelers (11 Deaf and 10 hearing signers, including 2 interpreters) walked over 50 miles and viewed over 40 Biblical sites. It was said, “Until now you have read your Bible in black and white. Now you will read your Bible in color!” It was thrilling to see Deaf people ask questions and learn much about Bible places and people. It was our privilege to help Deaf people grow spiritually and learn so they can also be a blessing to others. Lord willing we will take another group of Deaf people to Israel in 2024.

DeafNation World Expo – We hope to distribute thousands of Gospel videos and tracts to Deaf people from all around the world at the DNWE in August. Please pray for those to whom we will present the Gospel. Pray for many open doors and open hearts. Pray for the salvation of both Deaf and hearing people. Our balance needed is $2,780 for travel, food and lodging, and gospel materials. (Checks: SWM, [Address Below] Designate: Barr Mission Trip – Online: SilentWord.org/Give and select “Barr Mission Trip.”)

Update – In our last letter we requested prayer for helpers at the SWM office. Praise the Lord for a recent volunteer who has skills in many different areas! Still needed: Someone to help with accounting, tech, and other areas. Also, we are thankful for special friends who helped with our unexpected dental expenses. The need has been met! – Thank you for your prayers and help!

Thank you for your prayers and support that allow us to invest our lives in reaching and teaching Deaf people, producing Bible-based materials for Deaf people and deaf ministries, and much more.

For Deaf Souls,

Jon and Diane Barr,
Missionaries to the Deaf

Prayer Requests:

  • Animated Gospel Video Project & DNWE (August)
  • Office Helpers Needed at Silent Word Ministries
  • More Missionaries to the Deaf
  • Health and Travel Safety

Online: SilentWord.org/GiveJDBarr.com


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