2022-06 Prayer Letter (SWM)

2022-06 Prayer Letter (SWM)

Pamphlet SP06 - Doing What You Don't Like to Do


Dear SWM Friends,

In a recent SWM Deaf Ministry Fantastic Saturday, a meeting to encourage and train deaf ministries to reach their areas for Christ, a Deaf woman immediately came forward at the salvation invitation. She trusted Christ as her Savior and said she wanted to follow Jesus with her life. After speaking more with her, I was reminded of the terrible addictive sins that control so many people. After listing ten awful sins—sins that are all around us in our day—the Apostle Paul wrote, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11). We can be thankful the Lord still saves people and changes lives.

Highlight – Only the Bible has answers to life’s problems. This letter will highlight SWM Trifold Pamphlets, which are provided free as the Lord provides. SWM includes one of these pamphlets in each prayer letter. Each pamphlet discusses one topic, is filled with Bible principles and verses, and teaches valuable lessons. Churches may order these in bulk or download a PDF version to duplicate. Consider using these Bible-based pamphlets in Sunday bulletins or on a church literature rack. Also, share them with others to meet their special needs. Here are several of the over 75 titles:

  • Doing What I Don’t Like to Do
  • How to Know a Cult/Bad Leader
  • Principles of a Prayer Partner
  • What Is Right & Wrong?
  • Bible Leadership in Your Ministry
  • How To Pray For Your Children
  • The Silence Of Man
  • To Whom Shall We Go?
  • Why Christians Have Thorns?
  • Learn To Be Content + 4 No-Nos
  • How To Respond To A Tragedy
  • The Person God Uses
  • The Way You See Problems
  • Four Conditions To Serve God
  • Men – A Good Or Bad Example?
  • A Bible Lesson From the Eagle
  • Worry Has Never Solved A Problem
  • What Refreshes or Drains You
  • Balance Ministry and Family
  • Forgiving One Another
  • Think on These Things
  • Decisions, Directions, Destinations
  • Happy Father’s Day
  • Are You Weary In Well Doing?
  • Are You Drifting?
  • The Absent Father
  • Are You Running On Empty?
  • Reaching Toward – Fullest Potential
  • How To Resolve Christian Conflicts
  • How To Break A Sin Habit
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Know God Know Peace
  • Be Still & Know
  • Number Your Days
  • Why Give Bible Tracts?
  • Helping Marriages with Bible Principles
  • Thanksgiving: Time to Think and Thank
  • Live, Laugh, Love, Learn
  • Dressing to Glorify God
  • Taking Care of Your Temple
  • Aging and Growing Older
  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • What Makes Things Valuable?
  • Trust and Obey

Missionaries – The Lord is using SWM missionaries in many ways. David Bennett is now in India, teaching in a Christian university and challenging churches and pastors with the need to reach Deaf people for Christ. Monique Lindsey brought the “Deaf AND” special needs ministry to SWM. Her recent trip to Liberia emphasized the need to reach ALL people, even those who are often overlooked, with the Gospel. Doors are beginning to open for this much-needed ministry in other countries also. Bruce Stuart and family have been in Liberia for over one month and are getting settled into their new home and ministry. Paul Strosnider and Rusty VanDonkelaar are pastoring Deaf churches. Larry Galyen continues to help SWM reach people online. Others are in language studies to reach Deaf people in other countries, are on deputation as missionaries, are training and helping deaf ministries in the USA, and are preaching and teaching Deaf people everywhere they go. SWM is putting the “GO” in the Gospel – to the Deaf first, and to “whosoever will.”

Tracts and Salvation Update – To date SWM has printed over 2,688,000 Gospel tracts and 30,000 QR Code Gospel Business Card Tracts. From all areas of our ministry in 2022 there have been 51 salvation decisions reported. SWM recently sent several hundred Gospel DVDs to be distributed at the DeafNation Expo in Atlanta. Please help us get the Good News to other people! Visit SilentWord.org/Tracts or SilentWord.org/Store to order tracts or sample packets. Tracts are also sent free as the Lord provides.

We are thankful for your faithful financial and prayer support. Friends like you help make this unique missionary ministry to the Deaf possible. It is our honor to serve alongside you as we partner in serving the Lord.

SWM has over 75 pamphlets provided free as the Lord provides. View titles at SilentWord.org/Pamphlets

Please also read and pray for the SWM Mission Team prayer requests on the back of this letter. We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations