2022-08 Prayer Letter (SWM)

2022-08 Prayer Letter (SWM)

Picture of SWM Booth at Deaf Nation World Expo (DNWE)

August/September 2022

Dear SWM Friends,

A Deaf couple approached me at the Silent Word Ministries booth at the recent DeafNation World Expo and said, “I want to give money to your ministry.” What a pleasant surprise! But, later I found out that they wanted to give to us so they could go to Heaven. Deaf people, just like everyone else, can easily misunderstand God’s plan of salvation. After an hour-long Gospel explanation, they each trusted Christ as their Savior. We gave them followup literature from SWM, and there is a good church in their area interested in starting a deaf ministry. What a great blessing!

Meetings ReportDavid Bennett (SWMI) coordinated a Gospel outreach to the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas. The SWMI team of 36 included 12 SWM missionaries, 3 other missionaries, 1 assistant pastor, and 20 laymen from all around the USA. Also, Dr. Reggie Rempel (Harvest Deaf Ministries) had a team of 18 and Brian Palumbo (Romans Road for the Deaf) had a team of 7. Together, our three ministries reported 68 salvation decisions. – Regional ASL Institutes and Deaf Bible Conferences were conducted in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Total attending: 195 – Deaf: 49 – States: 18 – Salvation Decisions: 2 – It is exciting to make a difference in the lives of so many!

Ministries of SWM – It is good for you to know the many ministries of SWM. It is our pleasure to serve the Lord, local churches, our missionaries, and you! View our many ministries at SilentWord.org.

  • Silent Word Newspaper— “Free”
  • 10-yr Sunday School Program
  • Literature & Video Production
  • Deaf Bible Institute — “Free”
  • Gospel Tracts — “Free”
  • Pamphlets — Topical— “Free”
  • Mission Board
  • “Ministry of Helps”
  • Teaching Them Ministries— “Free”
  • SWM Northeast
  • SWM International
  • Short-term Mission Trips
  • Area-wide Fantastic Saturdays
  • Internet Publishing
  • Revivals – Camps
  • Mission Conferences
  • Organize Deaf Ministries
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Internship Program
  • ASL Institutes & Deaf Bible Conferences
  • Community Sign Language Class
  • Foreign Deaf Training
  • Business Office
  • Missionary Finances
  • Missionary Prayer Letters
  • SWM Website
  • And More…

Tracts and Salvation Update – To date SWM has printed over 2,695,000 Gospel tracts and 30,000 QR Code Gospel Business Card Tracts. From all areas of our ministry in 2022 there have been 184 salvation decisions reported. SWM recently sent several hundred Gospel DVDs to be distributed at the DeafNation Expo in Atlanta. Please help us get the Good News to other people! Visit SilentWord.org/Tracts or SilentWord.org/Store to order tracts or sample packets. Tracts are sent free as the Lord provides.

SWM has 30 missionaries (18 families) reaching Deaf people for the Lord! In August we conducted the annual SWM Mission Retreat, which was an essential time of teaching, encouragement, and fellowship. Thank you to all who supported or helped with this special training time.

Thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support. As your representatives, we are honored to “Go into all the (Deaf) world” with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Enclosed is a pamphlet for you to read and share. SWM has over 75 pamphlets provided free as the Lord provides. View titles at SilentWord.org/Pamphlets

Please also read and pray for the SWM Mission Team prayer requests on the back of this letter. We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations