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We welcome your help with this faith missionary ministry and invite you to sacrifice your time, money, and efforts to partner with us for God’s glory. How can you help?

Pray for Us

Prayer support is essential to our ministry. As you read our updates, please pray for us. Ask God to bless us, open doors for new ministry, and provide the workers and funds needed as we serve him. Subscribe to our updates to stay informed about our ministry.


As faith missionaries, Jon and Diane depend upon God’s people to help them accomplish the Great Commission into the Deaf World. Prayer support is both needed and appreciated! Churches and individuals are encouraged to partner with the Barrs by contributing monthly or with special one-time gifts. All gifts are receipted through Silent Word Ministries and are tax-deductible. As you partner with us, you help us reach and teach more deaf and hearing souls for Christ. Give online now.


We welcome help from Christians who share our core beliefs. Do you have a special skill or ability that could help our ministry? Possibly you could come help at Silent Word Ministries for a few days, a week, or longer. Through the use of current technology, some can even help without leaving their home. Please contact us for more information.

Are you burdened to become a missionary to the Deaf? Consider joining the Silent Word Mission Board and serve the Lord with us. Click here to contact us.


Jon and Diane Barr have been missionaries to the Deaf world since 1984. Their missionary ministry began as independent missionaries starting deaf ministries in Baptist churches throughout the United States. In the year 2000, their ministry merged with Silent Word Ministries in Trenton, Georgia, where Jon now serves as President, in addition to his regular missionary ministry. Their ministry has expanded to include the following:

  1. Conducting Fantastic Saturdays and D-Days in selected areas
  2. Conducting specialized deaf ministry and sign language training (ASL Institutes)
  3. Producing literature and videos for Deaf people and deaf ministries (tracts, booklets, manuals, DVDs, courses, online courses)
  4. Preaching and teaching for Deaf people
  5. Short-term foreign mission trips
  6. Local deaf ministry

Thank you for considering our unique missionary ministry to and for Deaf people!