Many people have asked for our software recommendations for Windows-based computers.  There are many free or inexpensive programs which can make computer use more productive — and fun!

This website provides helpful information and links to software we recommend.  Most of the software listed here is FREE — we like free!

  • “Must Have” software is a list of basic tools that we feel should be on every Windows computer.
  • “Best Software” is highly recommended and very good software.

It is our desire that these recommendations will be helpful to you.

Jon Barr
Silent Word Ministries

Jon Barr is president of Silent Word Ministries in Trenton, Georgia.  He began learning computers in 1981 with a Texas Instruments TI99 with a full 16k of memory and no disk drive.  Over the years his interest in computers has led him to seek cost-effective ways to be efficient and productive using average computers.  Though not a computer expert, he enjoys sharing his discoveries so church ministries can be more effective for Jesus Christ.

Jon began learning sign language in 1976 and has been a missionary to the Deaf since 1984.  He has taught beginning sign language classes and started deaf ministries in churches throughout the United States.  His ministry to Deaf people has taken him to several foreign countries, including the Philippines, Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Ukraine.  Jon is also nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and teaches in both church and secular workshops.  He and his wife, Diane, also a signer, have two grown children who also know sign language.