Who Are Deaf People?

by Jon Barr, Silent Word Ministries

It is impossible to clearly explain a culture in a few words. The information here is general. Not every person has the same experience. The desire here is to help the “Hearing World” understand more about Deaf people.

Did you know?

  • Most Deaf people have two hearing parents.
  • Most parents of Deaf children never learn sign language.
  • Many Deaf people say communication with hearing people is difficult.
  • Many Deaf people read English (including their Bible) as a second language.
  • There are ASL Bible translations available online.
  • More Deaf ministries and Deaf churches are needed worldwide.

Deaf people are a very misunderstood people group. What makes their culture different and even unique? Discover several of these formative factors from a Christian ministry perspective as described by Jon Barr (Silent Word Ministries). This video is presented in spoken English and interpreted into American Sign Language.

For Hearing People!

Note: In this video a statement is made about reliable Bible translations. This is from the perspective of the Received Text and Dynamic Translation. We are thankful for the current ASL Bible translation work being done, making the message of the Bible more accessible to Deaf people.